Tarot for the week ahead, 27.3.22

Louise Norgate

Cards from the Wild Unknown tarot

Sharp intake of breath time. Just look at that for a spread! We haven’t had three Majors show up for a while, and certainly not with a roar like this.

Look at the commonalities in these cards. The colours, the imagery, the symbolism. You don’t need to be a seasoned tarot professional to feel that, do you? A week after the Spring Equinox and the energy is powerful and palpable. We have all the inner strength we require; we can be decisive and clear, knowing that we are firmly rooted in this power; and we can move to enact that which we desire. Maybe we’ll need to be fierce, to stand tall in order to do that – but we are absolutely capable. The sun is shining on us this week.

Have a good week and stay safe x

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