Brief Thoughts on David Lynch

Corse Present

Lynch’s films are often thought of as being dreamlike but he seems to have a very particular way of presenting such dream scenarios in his work. Here, I’m thinking about the LA trilogy, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire. In the first two in particular there seems to be a dichotomy between the dream world and the real, diurnal world. But it is important to note that there is no ‘real’ in a film – it is all fiction – and Lynch is very aware of this. In fact, he will play with the audience by exploiting the way in which we invest in the apparent ‘reality’ that is presented in a film. One way in which he does this is by using certain noir elements to hoodwink the viewer into buying in to a narrative structure. In Mulholland Drive, the quest to discover ‘Rita’s’ past…

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