You Can Call Me Al

Of the many articles I’ve read on the internet, this is one of my favorites. It manages to capture both the true mystery and whacky charm of classic Forteana.

Liminal Room

The story of Albert K. Bender is a fascinating entry in the annals of UFO lore and someone I’ve become intensely interested in lately. Perhaps it’s a sense of kinship. By all accounts, Albert’s interests were macabre and he was a huge fan of horror movies. He decorated his room in his stepfather’s attic with scenes from spooky films and Halloween decorations. Bender delighted in creeping out people who came over with ghost stories and uncomfortable tales about how he “got a real kick” out of removing some dead bodies from the water when he was stationed in Virginia during his service in the Air Force. In so many ways he reminds me of myself in my late teens – wanting to stand out, shock at any costs.

Screenshot 2017-07-24 18.43.09

Bender also had an interest in the occult. While never specifying the name of the works he was studying at the time…

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